Review: Lush Sunnyside Bubble Bar

If you ever want a fun bath, this is the product for you. When I went to LUSH this week, I originally planned on getting just the Honey I Washed the Kids soap. When I was checking out I was looking at this bubble bar. Just by looking at it, I thought, "This does not look like something I want in the bath with me". The sales associate came over and gave my friend and I a demonstration of how it works.

It was so cool! I had to buy it. Heres how it works. You break a piece of the bar off(it's soft). Then you  crumble the piece up in the tub. Then you run your bath water and it creates bubbles! The glitter makes the water slightly shimmery. It become luscious and soft on your skin.

Verdict: LOVE it! I have to stay stocked with this. I can't really smell the scent of it when I'm in the tub but I'm sure that all because I use very little pieces at a time.

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