Class Started Two Hours Ago, Oh, Am I Late?

School is about to start once again. Some dread going back and some look forward to it. I'm in between. On the one hand, I love the Fall. I get to wear a bunch of layers and dark colors. On the other, I have to wake up and go to class. I am not a morning person at all. If it was up to me, I'd only come out at night and occasionally midday. 
With early days, come the caffeine. I plan on getting another Starbucks card this Fall. Now that they have free wifi, it's going to be like I live there. I can just picture it now: nights at Starbucks in my big comfortable, chunky knit sweaters and Minnetonka moccasin boots, blogging and doing school assignments, my dark violet nails typing away on my Macbook and BlackBerry, drinking caramel macchiatos. Ahh, the life. 
Fall, get here now!

Hit "Read More" to see another look for class.

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