Post War

Today I hung out with my friends, Kyle and En. We went a few places. I needed to get out for a while or else I would have spent the day inside watching the Hangover. En likes to be the only dj in his car, which I hate, but whatever.

We made a stop on Oak st. checked out a clothing store and we went into the comic book shop. (Kyle likes comic books, which i think is cool.)


We went to Ihop. There was this cute waiter (pictured below). He had braces. I like braces lol. I couldn't decide what I wanted. He was very patient. Kyle and En decided to make him think I was with En. So I had to try to make him think otherwise. I should have written my number on the receipt. But we asked did he work tomorrow. He works at 6, so maybe then. ;P


Later we went to f.y.e. They're closing, so everything was 50% off. I got a twilight poster, twilight buttons, two movies (the break-up & sleepover), and a Wii controller [I didn't know they made those, I thought you could only play with the remote.]

All in all it was a good day. I didn't dwell on any negative stuff that has recently happened. I'm very happy about that. Now let's see if I can keep my head up tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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  1. your outfit is reallllly cute and simple, I love it :D

    much love
    loveyou from Teen Vogue!