Salute Me

Alice + Olivia for MAC Nail Polish

I was really excited when I  heard about the Alice + Olivia collection for MAC. I wanted all three polishes. They were out of the blue so I just got the Black which is called Military. All three polishes are sold out on the website. Hopefully they restock so I can get the other two colors and the eyeshadows I want. MAC nail polishes cost $12. This color was well worth it.

I told myself that I would wait until Fall to wear the Military polish because it just seems like it's made for the cooler season. However, lately I haven't been feeling any of the other colors I have. So naturally I turned to the color I've never worn before. I am in love! When I look at the color on my nails, I just think: cool but sophisticated, edgy but classy, Starbucks ready nails. Yes, I got all of that from a nail polish. The polish dries super fast and it can either be worn in it's natural state, which is a matte finish but also looks great with a shiny clear topcoat. 

Click the jump to see it on my nails.

Sorry that they're a little messy. I polished them while I was at work.

 With a clear topcoat.

Which do you prefer, with or without the topcoat?