New Buys

Drapey Shirt & Bag from Blink Boutique
I am in love with this bag. I saw it in the store but didn't get it at first. When I got home I  still was thinking about it. If something stays on your mind then most likely you should get it! So I went back to Blink and got it :) It's so roomy. I carry like 3 journals in it. And I can also fit my laptop in it.

My mom knows how much I love Harajuku Lovers. She got me these flip flops. I love them!

I went to Borders Sunday and picked up this book. I read a lot of Young Adult & Women Fiction because that's what I'm going to write about when I become a writer. This book is so good, I read it in two days. It has the classic theme of forbidden love.  Now I have to get the next one, which is called Rules of Attraction. Go and get it!


  1. I'm always looking for a cute gray bag but have yet to find one but yours is looking good :)

  2. I just found a site that has it for less than I paid for it. And there are more colors. It's here