The List: Autumn

I've already told you what the look is for Autumn; soft, romantic, dream-like but laid back & comfortable, menswear with a softness (à la Alexa Chung). Now it's time to introduce you all to the list.

Now, while I won't list every single item off of my list, I will show you the essentials.

Yes, a lot of it is from the Alexa Chung for Madewell line. I really love what she has designed. Unlike most celebrity designers, she has made things she would actually wear. I think a lot of what's on this list would work with each other. This may be the best one I've made yet. I can't wait until I start ordering it all. With new clothes, come outfit posts. That's something else to look forward to.

What's on your Fall shopping list?
Whatever it may be,
Happy Autumn!

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