Stylish Sisters

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen have always been an inspiration to my style & also my life. Their style is beyond words. I was recently looking at pictures of them that are very old, but their outfits in them still amaze me. That's one of the reasons they inspire me so much. They wear things that, a year (or decade) later would still be the most stylish ensembles ever. They know how to chose timeless pieces that will work for them forever.

That is now my goal when shopping. Buying things that I can wear forever, and never get tired of them. I never was a "trend" person. But I'd just buy whatever I thought was cool. Impulsive. The Olsen twins have made me rethink my shopping habits. They have a way of wearing timeless pieces that aren't boring or plain.

That is my goal. Textured. Fun. Bright. Wearable. but TIMELESS. I want to play with shapes & textures and how the clothes are tailored.

They get it right every time.

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