About to Make Em' Tuck Their Whole Summer In

XXI Top | J.Crew Shorts | Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone 4 Case 
Taken with Instagram

Summer is nearly over & I have yet to fully embrace it. So this weekend I decided to make an effort with these printed shorts. If you've been here before, you know that I absolutely love Fall! And that's where my thoughts are now. I always get so excited & this year isn't any different. However, it's only fair to give Summer a chance before it's over.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone 4 case just came in the mail & I love it! There are a lot more new ones and I want them all!

Essie's Haute As Hello 
Along with what I'm currently reading.

Sunny days are turning into never ending rain storms. I'll just turn the ac up, swaddle myself in a dozen blankets & watch Mad Men, while drinking hot tea; until it's Fall's turn.

- C. 

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